Scale Model – “Spirit Zebra”

Following up on their excellent previous single, “Expectations“, electronic four piece Scale Model has dropped a surprise new single in the form of “Spirit Zebra.”

This track takes a much different tact than the prior. Where “Expectations” comes out of the gate swinging as a full-on dance party, “Spirit Zebra” is a slow burn that swells and builds over its near five minute runtime, climaxing into an absolutely immersive wall of sound. For a band that labels themselves “synth pop / indie rock”, I think they can add “post rock provocateurs” to the list now as well.

In 2019, it’s impossible to know if these singles are part of a larger whole or simply standalone treats. If they’re standalone entities, they’re highly enjoyable, immersive, trips. If they’re part of a longer record, it certainly seems like the band has put together something curiously new and diverse for future listening.