Safari Room – “One Day Here”

Safari Room has been steadily releasing new music since June of 2018. They put out the “Antelope” single, followed by the Actual Feelings EP in July, which was followed by “Around the Bend” in November and, now, “One Day Here” has been released into the world. It’s unclear if the band is leading up to unleashing a full-length album or if they’re just doing a great job of reminding you that you should be keeping them on your radar.

The trick with Safari Room is that if you’re one of those listeners that gives a song 30-seconds, and only 30-seconds, you’re going to miss out. “One Day Here” starts softly with a head bobbing beat and reverb-y guitar lick but continuously adds layered elements throughout that prevent the song from registering as just a gentle ebb. Harmony highlights with soaring guitar beneath them give way to an unfurling of layers of round-robin vocals.

There’s a deceptiveness to the Safari Room catalog of goods that should be approached with care. Judge too quickly and you’ll miss out on the best parts.