Ryan Mims – “Wax” (Official Video)

Finding information about Ryan Mims is surprisingly difficult. There’s a Twitter that hasn’t been updated since June and a few tidbits that he’s a founding member of the group Internet Strangers, a rather un-googleable but surprisingly enjoyable search term.

What is known about Mims is that he’s got a rather impressive video for his debut solo single “Wax“, shot by the folks at AM?PM Video. It’s a “oner” that glides around an apartment set following various characters into and out of the frame in a style Spielberg would be proud of. The track itself transitions from a melancholy indie pop song into a smooth rap diatribe about a minute in. Honestly, it’s a surprising turn for the song but Mims contemplations on the frustrations of our current political times keep it interesting. The last third of the track transitions into a second oner with an almost funeral procession vibe to it, as Mims floats along with a crowd of solemn faces.

There’s something intriguing here to say the least. While information on Mims may be hard to come by now, his blending of hip-hop beats, rap and indie sensibilities – not to mention the impressively pro stylings of the AM?PM video – indicate that there’s plenty more ahead for this project.