Qualls – Until We Meet Again

If you’re unfamiliar with the work of Nashville-via-Chattanooga artist Qualls, that will undoubtedly change very shortly thanks to the release of Until We Meet Again. While the masterful emcee has a handful of releases prior to 2022 (including the enjoyable Valley Chronicles EP from 2020), this fifteen track full-length serves as a bold introduction to exactly what they’re capable of.

There’s two running themes throughout the record. First and foremost, Qualls lyrical flow is confident, clever and smooth while somehow managing to sound effortless through every verse. Secondly, the record refuses to stay within a predictable style. From the intriguingly ominous “Ghost” (featuring Mike Floss) to the delightfully bouncy “Count Up” (featuring EV) to the mournfully contemplative “These Days” (with Tayler & Taji), the record seems to be making a conscious effort to let you know that there’s plenty of tricks up Quall’s sleeve. If you’re the type of person that browses an album by listening to the first few tracks, you’re going to be missing out.

Lyrically, the record doesn’t shy away from the personal and insightful. The willingness to eschew the standard bragging-and-boasting verses is becoming somewhat of a Nashville hip-hop hallmark and Qualls is exemplary in that respect. “Until We Meet Again” is usually a phrase you hear when parting ways but I’d venture a guess that Qualls knows once you hear the record you’ll be back soon… real soon.