NGC-4414 – The Moon EP

For clarity, NGC-4414 is both “an unbarred spiral galaxy about 62 million light-years away in the constellation Coma Berenices” and a Murfreesboro artist creating nuanced and subtle ambient music. The former has no known musical releases but the latter released a handful of transmissions in November 2017 entitled, The Moon EP. To call it delicate is being too precious about it but the songs are light combinations of field recordings, vast open spaces and foreign interference. Evoking the namesake of another galaxy is entirely appropriate and fitting for these sounds.

The Bandcamp page and YouTube channel for the artist urge you to listen to the final composition, “Before I’m Gone“, but I disagree. Starting with the actual first track, “Satellite“, puts you in an otherworldly place that best starts the journey into a transcendental beyond.