New Man – “Little Less Left” (Official Video)


With the premiere of “Little Less Left“, the third video from New Man‘s debut Sings, it’s clear that wearing your heart on your sleeve should be a pre-requisite for any good pop song. Lyrically, the song focuses on the hardships of leaving the past behind; both as a Konmari Method of minimalism as well as learning to emotionally let go. “Little Less Left” doesn’t try to hide that melancholy feeling but it does wrap it in a veneer of glee, presented as nonsensical “bah bah’s” and soaring harmonies.

As noted in our album review, Sings has an “everything including the kitchen sink” approach to a lot of the tracks. For a less skilled songwriter, this could result in a chaotic cacophony but here we get a literal representation of that multitude of voices working together as the video culminates in a Brady Bunch style grid of voices harmonizing.

On the whole, this is the most ballad-y of the tracks on the record but certainly one that we can all relate to.