Makeup and Vanity Set – Run

We posted about the last Makeup and Vanity Set EP, PRIS, fairly recently but it’s worth pointing out that he’s already released a follow-up that continues to world build on the previous. If you’re a sci-fi fan, the name Pris should ring a bell as a reference to Pris Stratton from Blade Runner. The prior EP is, thematically, built around a musical ideology geared towards that character.

With Run, MAVS is shifting his gaze to Zhora Salome, another replicant from the Blade Runner world. Musically, it’s a far cry from PRIS and much of the rest of the synthwave style catalog he’s known for. While it’s true that he’s keeping with a familiar subject matter within the genre, he’s stretching way outside of the standard sounds and styles. Speaking on an emotional level, the overtly doom-and-gloom vibe has been exchanged for something more mysterious.

I suspect there may be more of these releases coming in the future and I hope they continue to explore new territory.