Klypi & Buddy Crime – “When You’re Not Around”

Klypi is a self-described “queer pop artist” but that summary is far too short to capture the whole mystique. They’re also a mesmerizing performance and makeup artist, fashion designer and sometimes undefinable being. It’s important to keep all facets of Klypi in mind when diving into a new offering as this is not just your run-of-the-mill, ordinary, song drop.

The latest piece of the Klypi puzzle is “When You’re Not Around,” a collaborative track with equally intriguing performer Buddy Crime. The track evokes feelings of Devo or Art of Noise with a massive injection of energy. It’ll get you moving and those moves will likely be angular and robotic.

Klypi’s lyrical performance pairs with the track beautifully; it’s catchy, it’s fun and, if you’re paying attention, tells a story remarking on a vapid relationship. It’s no mistake that the cover art for the release features a blonde-wigged Klypi driving a muscle car; it’s the embodiment of the relationship at the heart of the lyrics; empty and materialistic.

The collaboration with Buddy Crime brings a new level of production to Klypi’s sound and cements their knack for crafting a story and character no matter what the source of the backing track comes from. That said, it’s a great fit and we’d welcome future collabs between the two.

It seems she may be moving to LA for a myriad of creative opportunities, so soak up this track while we can still call them from Nashville.

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