Hurts to Laugh – Nineteen Eighty More

Looking for some thick riffs to keep your Tuesday going? Look no further than the new batch of free songs up on the Hurts to Laugh Bandcamp in the form of the Ninteen Eighty More EP. The three songs were recorded over at County Q Productions with Mike Purcell and feature a “roomier” recording style for the band and more political lyrics.

Honestly, I’ve always felt like Hurts to Laugh succeeded most when it leaned more politically. Even their name, Hurts to Laugh, is an knowing nod towards the pains of political laugh. This may indicate a new era for the band wherein they are more open to comment on the world around us.

One way to verify that theory is to check them out at their upcoming June residency at The Springwater where they will be playing every Thursday. Look to see them with Sheep Shifter, Dead Deads and Gimme the Bad News.