Hammock – Columbus (Original Soundtrack)

If you aren’t familiar with director Kogonada, I suggest taking a deep dive into this Indiewire piece and learning about his history and his journey to becoming a full-fledged filmmaker. His debut, Columbus, has received rave reviews from the likes of The Nashville Scene to NPR to a 97% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes. All that is to say, it certainly seems to be a film worth investigating.

What many of the articles mention is the Original Soundtrack backing the film, brought to you by Hammock. It makes sense for a band that’s been together for over a decade making cinematic scores spawned from their own brains to collaborate with a film of this nature. There are only four tracks posted for preview over on their Bandcamp but the entire record is streaming on Spotify.

It’s a slow, spaced-out, moving body of work occasionally undercut by some tense, foreboding, presence. Hammock has been refining this kind of sound for years and this is an exemplary application of their efforts.