German Error Message – “Hopelessness”

Released as the final preview single from the forthcoming album Mend, “Hopelessness” from German Error Message presents an intriguing interplay between moods. As the title suggests, the lyrics carry a particular weight to them. There’s not many of them, so let’s have a look.

I woke up wrong
Hopelessness pacing the room
Will worry forever destroy me
Early night is familiar
It’s buried in my body
Beneath the leaves
on my forest floor
nothing’s as it should be

The idea of being haunted by hopelessness is hefty sentiment if ever there was one and if you’ve ever felt depression or anxiety, these words aren’t unfamiliar. The track plays into this with the DIY bedroom recording style and contemplative acoustic guitar but there’s also a particularly optimistic tone to the accompaniment around that. Maybe that’s a hefty bit of armchair psychology coming into play but the warm, uplifting, second half of the song seems to function as a story of itself; leaving that hopelessness behind you.

That’s a grandiose review but German Error Message just invokes those kinds of contemplative feelings! Looking forward to Mend when it is released in full on March 29th, 2019.