Fu Stan – “Numb” (Official Video)

Back in late summer, Fu Stan released Lockdown, a nine track album comprised of songs conceived during, and speaking to, the quarantine. The title track is a thesis statement for the the release but the additional eight tracks on the record should not be missed.

Numb” is the latest track to get featured on the record along with a rather impressive official video. The hazy gathering of party goers surrounding a police cruiser harkens back to the events of the summer when protests (understandably) came to a boil. It also feels like a nod to NWA-era hip-hop videos in which (understandable) outrage with police brutality were front and center.

Based on what I can discern from the breakneck speed verses, the track isn’t necessarily speaking to the Black Lives Matter movement but the visuals certainly evoke that feeling of triumph of people of color over police. It’s open to interpretation but it strikes me as more than just an outdoor performance video and more of a culmination of a myriad of scenarios that cause you to feel numb; which results in doing something rather than nothing.