E-Jail – E-Jail 2

For reasons I can not fully explain, I have a deep affinity for the work of E-Jail. His first release, simply titled The Name of this Band is E-Jail, features primary songwriter Rafer White on the cover, standing in his bathrobe and fluorescent shorts. The music is an eclectic mixture of beats, keyboard missives and rap-like vocals. It shouldn’t work but it does.

E-JAIL 2 continues that line of thinking. All of the elements of the first release are present but are now layered with crunchy vocals, Kayne inspired vocoders and whirling keyboard parts. It’s currently priced at $1000 USD for a single digital download.

There’s much here that could be confusing on paper but it’s best not to question when something surprising and new is appealing, just enjoy it.