Dream Chambers – The Longest Night

Dream Chambers (aka Jess Chambers) has an uncanny penchant for creating moody electronic soundscapes that fully immerse you. In early December, Light of Day was released, a three track experimental drone that filled the available space with sound and consumed the listener with modulating repetition. On the winter solstice, Chambers released The Longest Night, a full-length album of new songs that continues to demand the listeners attention through the massive atmospheric worlds it creates.

Throughout the course of the record, the musical vibe sways from the ominously foreboding to optimistically dance-y to quietly melancholy. Set against these various backdrops, Chambers provides consistently uplifting and affirming lyrics – reminding the listener they are not a mistake, they are loved and there is a path forward. One has to assume it was no mistake to provide this juxtaposition during a year of hard times; no matter how dark things may seem, Chambers urges you to remember there is available goodness around you.

It’s a refreshing approach on the generally dour and cynical tact that electronic music often takes. These songs could easily be accompanied by lyrics about a dystopian future or similar ilk but Chambers literally sings “Feeling lost, there’s a trail through the night / Don’t give up the ghost, don’t give up the fight.” It’s fitting that it was released on the shortest day of our year, as the world begins to refresh and literally take its journey back towards the light.

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