Divora – Dungeons and Dragons OST

The impetus behind the four volumes of free music from Divora is both compelling and completely charming:

I am just a dude in Nashville who loves creating music. Most of the music on here was composed for the campaigns that I DM for my friends.

If you didn’t catch it, DM in this case means “Dungeon Master” – the all-seeing omnipotent narrator that directs the storyline during a game of Dungeons and Dragons. So, not only is this guy responsible for world building, character development and narrative arcs, he’s also providing a soundtrack for it.

Take your pick between storylines – Special Boy, Maternal Instincts, Born from Blood or just some General Battle Music. All of it has a nice fusion of modern electronic undertones mixed with the expected sweeping themes you’d associate with Knights, Orcs, Dragons and other medieval & fantasy elements.

It should also be noted that the music works quite well when just sitting at your desk traversing the tubes of the Internet, in search of the ever elusive Work Distraction.