Dale Hollow – “Dreamboat Babe”

Dale Hollow is a bit of an enigma. At a quick glance, he cites that Rolling Stone Country called him “Relentlessly Entertaining” (they did), his album covers feature him in western shirts and yellow aviators and he’s given himself the moniker “The Country Music Superstar”; assumed emphasis on The. If you didn’t know better, Dale Hollow is your typical songwriter looking to make it in Music City through sheer bravado. But that’s only at a glance.

Back in 2017, Dale Hollow released the EP Fast Cash Now, Break Hearts Later and recently unearthed the video for the lead track “Dreamboat Babe.” The conceit of the video is that Hollow was looking to follow in the grand tradition of knocking down doors at the Grand Ole Opry but got mislead by Waze and ended up at the Opryland Hotel and Convention Center. It’s absurdity played with straight-laced perfection as he wanders the arboretum serenading the plants and tourists.

The track is a fun listen; particularly if you’re keen on paying attention to lyrics. The ballad comes across as a sweet ode but, deceptively, seems to be a plea to get out of paying a sex worker for their services. Again, Hollow never breaks and plays his request as honestly as possible.

The real trick here is that it’s entirely unclear what is authentic and what is a put on. Sure, the outfit and the lyrics are all part of a character but the song is legitimately well performed. Furthermore, Hollow probably wouldn’t mind being The Country Music Superstar if it were offered. In the words of Rolling Stone Country, it’s a “relentlessly entertaining” mixture of satire and real talent.

Watch the video all the way through for a fun treat at the end and then go listen to Hollow’s latest release Yourstruly.