Christopher Sur – Christopher Sur

This going to sound real shitty but Cover Art can be a deceiving undertaking. From the face of it, you might think this Christopher Sur EP is an homage to alterna-rock, the soundtrack to some eXtreme skydiving or maybe a Trent Reznor tribute. No offense to the graphic artist involved but those first impressions are incorrect.* This four song collection is a tribute to wonders of 60’s pop creations. In Sur’s own words:

At some point, every Beatles and Beach Boy lover makes their Beatle or Beach Boy record. I guess this is mine…

There are some obvious nods trickled throughout – like the countdown in “Words of Twain” or the pounding drums in “Setting Sun” – but it’s largely a vibe that’s being captured here. Comparisons to the Beatles and/or Beach Boys is a lofty and dangerous game but these songs are clearly coming from a place of adoration. I’ve listened to Find My Way (Tomorrow)” a half a dozen times already; as that rolling piano gives a soothingly familiar, melancholy, feel.

Seriously, no disrespect! The cover isn’t bad, it just caught me by surprise.