Boo Dudes – The Horrible Sounds of Boo Dudes

Depending on who you ask Boo Dudes have been releasing Halloween inspired music since 2014 or 1983 when they were known as Paranormal Punx but all of the members died from “smoking marijuana to death.” There’s really no way to know which is true. What we do know is that there’s a new batch of offerings emerging from their collective graves entitled The Horrible Sounds of Boo Dudes.

As with every Boo Dudes release, the best enticement to listen is to simply read the tracklist. If you get at least one good chuckle from any of these titles, you’ll inevitably enjoy the music within:

1. Ghost Janitor
2. An American Werewolf in Debt
3. Livin’ Ain’t Easy (When You’re Dead)
4. Post-Mortem Boredom
5. Plan 9 from Delta 8
6. Son, Bloody Son
7. Little Mama Mia
8. Dracula Needs a Ride to the Store (feat. Gary Da Gillperson x Merlin Mansons)
9. Do (or Don’t Do) The Indigenous Peoples’ Burial Ground
10. Are You Afraid of the Narc?
11. De-Hemption Song
12. Hackety Axe

For my money, “Plan 9 from Delta 8” and “Dracula Needs a Ride to the Store” are instant reasons to hit play. There’s a bit of irreverance throughout the record, more genres and styles than you can shake a stick at and a genuine commitment to each and every absurd track. It’s not high art but it’s high art, if you get my drift. A welcome treat every year.

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