Boo Dudes – Ska Ska Scary

Let’s get something straight right out of the gate here, Ska is not my preferred genre. In fact, I downright dislike it. Sure, I can appreciate a skanking tutorial but the buck stops there.

That being said, my disdain for the genre is exactly the point with Boo Dudes latest Halloween offering, Ska Ska Scary. The band has always managed to find a balance between being actually talented and actively trolling you. Their whole existence is based on taking the expectations of Halloween music and flipping them on their head. On Haint Anger, their most accessible release, they hop between traditional country, B-52’s style pop and 50’s parody rock. Since that 2017 release, they also released Halloween music in March, a song about taxes, a drugged out psych rock track and the happiest Friday the 13th song you’ve ever heard.

The fact that Ska Ska Scary may incite a facepalm of bafflement is actually a win for the band. I may not want to actively listen to it but I respect them for actually finding a way to blend the two worlds.