Boo Dudes – “Dracula’s Coughin'”

When you’re a Halloween novelty band, it’s tough to stay relevant the other 11 months out of the year. However, Boo Dudes do a surprisingly entertaining job of finding ways to come across your radar despite it not being the general season of witches.

Case in point, they released the single “Dracula’s Coughin’” on April 20th (4/20) and it’s a surprising blend of psych rock, space metal and all out big riffs. You would think that the coughing in the title would be a reference to bong rips given the day of its release but, no, the lyrics are fairly explicit that Dracula simply slurped down his blood meal too quickly and it went down the wrong pipe. Perfectly absurd.

Boo Dudes praise aside, let’s take a moment to discuss how vampires play a role in our current self-isolation / quarantined world. As we all know, Vampires are not susceptible to illness; particularly ailments that they did not already have when they were turned. That’s just common knowledge. However, it’s also canon in some works that a vampire can transform into a bat; the very same animal that may be the original carrier of the COVID-19 novel virus. So, pulling these disparate threads together – is it possible that vampires have always carried the COVID-19 virus and lived with it for thousands of years in the same way that bats have? Could vampires hold the cure? What does Anne Rice have to say on this subject? Can Boo Dudes provide these answers?