Billy Anderson – Billy Again Lately

A lifetime could be spent documenting the work of R. Stevie Moore. Part of that undertaking would be shining a light on many of the 40 years worth of collaborations Moore has given the world. One such frequent collaborator is Billy Anderson, reportedly Moore’s best friend since the late 60′s and, from the sounds of it, a fitting partner.

Billy Again Lately was recorded released in late 1977 and features a number of lo-fi original pop gems that you’d expect from the frantic brain of R. Stevie Moore and some bombastic covers, such as the satisfyingly intense version of “I Want to Hold Your Hand.” As you’d hope, it runs a wide gamut of styles but somehow manages to feel like a cohesively good time.

Supposedly Anderson now resides in Nashville (if Bandcamp profiles are to be trusted) and I can only hope that leds to more collaborations.