Basic Printer – Good Weird

I feel like I heard the title track off of Basic Printer’s forthcoming Good Weird album some time ago and it didn’t stick. I liked it but I wasn’t struck by it. Upon relistening now, I’m captivated. Maybe something changed in the production or maybe I just wasn’t in the right headspace. Whatever it was, I’m overjoyed to be immersing myself in it now.

The album won’t be released until August 31st, 2018 but there are three tracks up on Bandcamp that set the stage for expectations. There’s a lot of keyboards, wet bass tracks, dance-able grooves and sing-along choruses. It’s certainly got a weird vibe to it – as the title suggests – but it really is a Good Weird. It’s different than what you expect from our scene but different in the absolute best way.

This is another release from Banana Tapes, a label that I can’t stress enough we all need to be paying more attention to.