An Army of Jasons – “This is the Liffe”

An Army of Jasons is a new band featuring the songwriting of Geoff Hayton backed by Jason Sloan and Brett Rosenberg (aka Quichenight). An Army of Jason is also an old band, having performed together over a decade ago in realms outside of Nashville. Time has a funny way of repeating itself and it seems the forces that brought this trio together originally have come back around again. It’s not important to be familiar with the prior work of the group, only to know that there is a tie that binds them.

This is the Liffe” is the first single from a forthcoming release entitled On This Bend. It’s a contemplative mid-tempo piece laden with impressive guitar work and even more intriguing lyrical play that gives off a melancholy sad bastard vibe with just the right amount of optimism breaking through. From just one track it’s impossible to judge what the whole release will sound like but it’s a welcome introduction.

Aside from this initial offering, the release credits give us a little hint of more to whet your appetite; namely guest appearances by Asher Horton, Erin Rae, Austin Hoke and Paul Niehaus; recognizable names from a number of enjoyable products. It seems that An Army of Jasons know how to keep good company. On This Bend will be available July 22nd via Lamb Speed Records.