All Them Witches – “Diamond”

We’re just a few weeks away from the latest All Them Witches release, ATW, but the band isn’t making anyone wait for more new music. You can now go listen to the fifth track from the album (aka the keystone) entitled “Diamond.”

Much like the first preview of the album, “Fishbelly 86 Onions”, the track clocks in at six minutes. Unlike that track tho, the offering is a much slower, much more ominous, build. The track is a constant tease of pent up explosive potential, occasionally letting a drip of that kinetic energy unleash but never for long.

Is it a new direction for the band, a template for a live version of the song or simple a dark breather from an album full of bombastic tracks? With only two songs to base our judgments on, there’s just no way to know but to wait until the albums release on Sept 28th.