Adam Landry – Faderisms

On Episode 106 of the WOTT Music podcast I pointed out that the 2012 debut album from Adam Landry, El Scorpion, had been sitting in front of me for years and had never clicked until quite recently. Lo and behold, Landry then went and released a brand new album entitled Faderisms and I vow to not sit on it for
six years to get it.

While it’s been quite some time since his previous release, Faderisms builds on the same pop sensibilities as the previous but with a bit more subdued approach. Instead of rocked out guitars we get spacey keyboards and ethereal vocals. The majority of the tracks are calm and lend themselves well to a quiet listening environment, letting yourself be enveloped by the floaty feeling it invokes. The one exception is the album closer, “Chasing Sara”, that takes on a much more upbeat and darker tone; complete with lyrics that, literally, recant the woes of wasted youth.

Hopefully there’s another Landry release around the corner, as he’s clearly capable of a wide diversity of styles while keeping things engaging. It’d be a shame for it take another six years to hear more.