The Hills are Alive

Join Alex and Kelsey as they dissect, recap, and reimagine classic movie musicals.

West Side Story

Everything this musical gets right, and everything it really, really gets wrong.
Posted: Wed February 17, 2021

The Phantom of the Opera

Alex and Kelsey break down the erotic weirdness of the OG "O.G."
Posted: Tue February 2, 2021

Moulin Rouge!

“Baz Luhrmann-isms” and bad accent work; Alex and Kelsey cover Moulin Rouge!
Posted: Tue January 19, 2021

White Christmas

Is White Christmas the least Christmas-y musical of all Christmas musicals?
Posted: Tue December 8, 2020

The Sound of Music

Nuns. Nazis. Hills! Alex and Kelsey review, recap, and recast The Sound of Music.
Posted: Tue November 24, 2020