Things to Read

Here’s some misc links because this is the easiest / quickest way for me to add content – albeit far from the prettiest.

  • William Tyler – “Cadillac Desert” – Pitchfork reviews the first track off the forthcoming Merge debut, Impossible Truth. The track is great.
  • Nashville bands at SXSW – the first wave of bands has been announced and it includes Brendan Benson, Turbo Fruits, Wild Cub, The Vespers and several more that I’ve never heard of. Congrats to them all!
  • Wannado Nashville / do615 – while they aren’t exactly the same thing (one is an iphone app, one is a web destination), both these guys are competing for your eyeballs to let you know what’s going on around town. I actually like that more and more of these kinds of services are popping up. Probably worth trying out.