Uncle Skeleton – All Too Human

Uncle Skeleton
All Too Human
Digital / Double LP

As has been established many times before, I am quite biased when it comes to the proper judgment of Uncle Skeleton. His albums are released under my hobby of a record label, yk records and, regardless of that, we’re actually just good friends. So, with that disclaimer out of the way…

The latest offering from Uncle Skeleton, All Too Human, manages to cover a lot of stylistic ground in it’s sixty-eight minute running time. Spread across the four sides of vinyl that it resides on it manages to tackle danceable electronic songs, pop, bossa nova, lo-fi explorations and the drawn out world of ambient. Hopefully the massive tracklisting won’t scare you off from trying it out, as it really is a properly consumable running time. At least dabble in with Berlin to Frankreich or Beeshie for a little variety.