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Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2011

Cherub – Man of the Hour

Man of the Hour

I know very little of the dance scene in Nashville. I’m familiar with the goings on over at Mai, the consistent parties that Coach is involved with and a slew of DJ nights at various bars (i.e. Book Club at 308) but I don’t actually attend those things. So, with that in mind, know that I’m coming from a place of mild ignorance. What intrigued me about Cherub is that they are well entrenched in that whole scene but they perform as a live band – not behind turntables or laptops but with actual instruments. Their music is, as you’d guess, geared towards getting people moving but manages to have quite a few moments of legitimate crooning. For me, the highlight of the record is “Disco Inferno” – it’s a slow build but the melancholy vocal vibe juxtaposed against the upbeat music is always a good combination.

I’m out of my element on a lot of these reviews – and not much of a writer to begin with – but I think it’s worth trudging through the mediocre writeups to let you know about a wider range of quality music out there beyond just the indie / garage / rock scene.

NEWS · Tuesday, Nov. 1st, 2011 at 11:28am

One response to “Cherub – Man of the Hour

  1. I’m suffering from post-Moogfest depression, but this is really pulling me out of it. Thanks for busting my ignorance of Cherub! Now I can’t wait to check out their live setup.