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Thursday, Apr. 7, 2011

We Own This Town: Volume 43

Remember this? Well, if you haven’t guessed by now, the results of said efforts can be seen above. We Own This Town’s fearless leader Doug Lehmann – along with help from Andy Snyder and the illustrious Jeremy Ferguson – put together this in-studio performance from D. Watusi. After enjoying the above video be sure to go pick up the Nashville’s Dead 7″.

PODCASTS · Comments (2) · Thursday, Apr. 7th, 2011 at 2:48pm

2 Responses to “We Own This Town: Volume 43”

  1. [...] We Own This Town has brought back their video performance series. The first one is D. Watusi, the new-ish project from former Kindergarten Circus frontman Dillon Watson. WOTT helmsman Doug Lehman, along with the help of Andy Snyder and Jeremy Ferguson, brought back the series, and I look forward to seeing who they bring through in the future. Since the self-proclaimed hiatus of the Lake Fever Sessions, there’s been a need for someone to step in and fill the void. Watch D. Watusi perform “High School Baby” and “Summer Nights.” BONUS- D. Watusi-Summer Nights MP3 [...]

  2. [...] We Own This Town have given a reboot to their video series featuring Nashville-based artists, breathing life back into things with the help of D. Watusi. Shot at Battle Tapes studios the video captures the band as they roll through a pair of songs: “High School Girl” and “Summer Nights”; the latter of which can be found on a single released recently via Nashy’s Dead. [...]