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Thursday, Mar. 4, 2010

Help Heartbeater raise some funds

Heartbeater has made a pretty decent impact in their short time around the Nashville area but are on the cusp of the real deal litmus test; releasing an enjoyable full-length album. The problem is, they need some money in order to make it happen (not an uncommon problem). So, they are turning to you – established fans, potential future fans, amateur philanthropists and just generally good natured folks to help them raise the money to record and release their first full-length record, Slow Waves. Their running the whole effort through a Kickstarter campaign and have even included a little video to introduce you to their cause.

Keep in mind that donating doesn’t just give you some warm feeling about helping out a local band – you’ll also receive a copy of the record along with some other great bonus items depending on the level you contribute. Go read more and think about opening up your wallet for a worthwhile local act.

NEWS · Thursday, Mar. 4th, 2010 at 8:00am

One response to “Help Heartbeater raise some funds”

  1. patrick says:

    good idea! I have seen sites similar to Kickstarter but hadn’t seen that one until now.. their site seems like best out of what I’ve seen though.