Memento Stori

Why do you love the stuff you love? Do you ever think about what will happen to it when you die? Listen in as Rebecca Delius talks to people about what they own that was loved by someone they lost.

Rebecca Delius

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Who’s Gonna Remember Me Now?

Guest Dycee Wildman reflects on a teenage friendship with a musician who passed away too early.
Posted: Fri January 15, 2021
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The Irish Exit

Comedian Chris Crofton shares the story of his grandfather, former head of the New York Produce and Grain Exchange, Charles B. Crofton.
Posted: Mon December 7, 2020

Sylvia’s Best Ever Cheesecake

A young girl learning to bake at the insistence of her mother with a degenerative disease. The recipe for disaster can also be the recipe for laughter.
Posted: Mon October 12, 2020

Venus in Furs

Rachel's grandmother was into red lipstick and pearls. Rachel was into punk and riot grrls. An episode about loving the person but not necessarily the thing you have to [...]
Posted: Mon September 28, 2020


Neil Stinson remembers the life of Tristan Van; nurse, bicyclist, curmudgeon with a heart of gold, and the first transgender employee at Vanderbilt University Medical Center [...]
Posted: Mon September 14, 2020

Portrait of a Lady

Love blossoming over a telephone switchboard, a mid-life nose job, and Downy fabric softener.
Posted: Mon August 31, 2020

Introducing Memento Stori

A podcast about our complicated connections to inherited items.
Posted: Sun August 23, 2020
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