Guilty Pleasures: Havens Help Us!

It’s 2021 and Larissa and Lauren fully support indulging in all your vices a bit- Romulan Ale, a Troi-sized chocolate sundae, and those Star Trek episodes that you KNOW aren’t very good but – gosh darn – you just love them. In this episode, the ladies each pick a guilty pleasure episode for different reasons. Larissa’s pick of VOY’s “Fair Haven” is all about Kathy finally getting some well-deserved action, which leads to an honest discussion about the romantic and sexual challenges of Voyager’s situation. Lauren nominates TNG’s “Haven” due to the glory that was season one’s art direction, everything from Armin Shimerman’s Pee-wee’s Playhouse Face-in-a-box appearance to an alien crew flying around in a Lisa Frank mood ring. We know we’re wrong, but it feels so right.

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