Into the Wormhole with Larissa and Lauren

Larissa and her Number 1, Lauren, go down the wormhole to discuss the Trek they love and adore.


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Music Therapy in Star Trek: IDIC Podcast Festival

Board-certified music therapist Amanda Maestro-Scherer joins L&L to talk about music therapy in Star Trek, broadcast live as part of the IDIC Podcast Festival (presented by [...]
Posted: Fri July 23, 2021
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Star Trek REMIX: The Measure of A Man and Author, Author

L+L compare and contrast two episodes that focus on AI rights, TNG’s “Measure of a Man” and VOY’s “Author, Author”.
Posted: Thu July 8, 2021

Villains: God Save The Borg Queen

The ladies come out of their alcove to talk about the Borg Queen and all her baggage.
Posted: Thu June 3, 2021

Larissa’s Fav Asians on Trek

In honor of API Heritage Month, L&L are going through Larissa's favorite API characters from Star Trek!
Posted: Thu May 20, 2021

Star Trek Guest Stars: Iggy Pop

Larissa and Lauren have a lust for life, Star Trek, and some good ole Michigan-accented Vorta.
Posted: Thu May 6, 2021

Lower Decks Part 2: The Revenge of Peanut Hamper!

It's time to catch up on our favorite Star Trek misfits with Larissa and Lauren!
Posted: Thu April 15, 2021

Our Very Own Year of Hell

Celebrate/cry over the one year anniversary of both the podcast and coronavirus.
Posted: Thu March 11, 2021

Going Where “Faith of The Heart” Takes Us

Join the ladies for a DEEP dive into the story behind ENT's main title song.
Posted: Thu February 25, 2021

Star Trek: Remix! The Naked Time & The Naked Now

The ladies look at TOS's and TNG's respective takes on being space drunk.
Posted: Thu February 11, 2021

Villains: Dukat

The ladies discuss the most iconic Cardassian in Star Trek.
Posted: Thu January 28, 2021

Guilty Pleasures: Havens Help Us!

L&L explain their love for VOY's "Fair Haven" and TNG's "Haven".
Posted: Wed January 13, 2021

Let’s Cry About “Dark Page”

Larissa invites her sister, music therapist, and OG Number One, Amanda, to discuss the heartwrenching and touching episode of TNG, “Dark Page”. THEY CRY.
Posted: Thu December 17, 2020
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