Into the Wormhole with Larissa and Lauren

Larissa and her Number 1, Lauren, go down the wormhole to discuss the Trek they love and adore.


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Guilty Pleasures: Havens Help Us!

L&L explain their love for VOY's "Fair Haven" and TNG's "Haven".
Posted: Wed January 13, 2021
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Let’s Cry About “Dark Page”

Larissa invites her sister, music therapist, and OG Number One, Amanda, to discuss the heartwrenching and touching episode of TNG, “Dark Page”. THEY CRY.
Posted: Thu December 17, 2020

Oops, the Federation are Colonizers, Happy Thanksgiving!

While Lauren takes her maternity leave, Larissa invites Ashley and Tavius from "The Mixer" to come talk about the colonialist, imperialist, and militaristic sensibilities of [...]
Posted: Thu November 26, 2020

Lower Decks 1-3: Infinite Trek References in Infinite Combinations

Lauren and Larissa talk about the first few episodes of "Star Trek: Lower Decks" before Lauren takes maternity leave!
Posted: Thu October 29, 2020

Spook Trek: Happy Halloween!

Larissa and Lauren investigate whether ENT's "Impulse" and TNG's "Night Terrors" are worthy Halloween episodes.
Posted: Fri October 16, 2020

The Maternity Episode

Surprise! Lauren is about to have a baby, so she and Larissa examine TNG's "The Child", DS9's "The Begotten", and other parenthood issues throughout Star Trek.
Posted: Fri October 2, 2020

Into The Wormhole is Judged by Your Inner Child is an Idiot

Lauren and Larissa are back for round 2 with Damon and DJ to talk Next Gen and hear a final verdict!
Posted: Thu September 17, 2020

Into the Wormhole meets Your Inner Child Is An Idiot

The gals transport over and talk Next Gen with their podcast pals Damon and DJ of Your Inner Child is an Idiot.
Posted: Thu September 10, 2020

Watching “Past Tense” In The Present

The ladies discuss DS9's two part episode "Past Tense" and how the time travel story remains as topical as ever.
Posted: Thu August 27, 2020

Our Siblings Asked Us To Watch “Threshold”

OH BOY. Larissa's sister and Lauren's brother request- no, DEMAND- that the ladies respond to their comments and questions about Voyager's legendary episode "Threshold". The [...]
Posted: Thu August 13, 2020

The Lowdown on Lower Decks

To celebrate the upcoming CBS Star Trek animated series Lower Decks, the ladies look back at TNG's season 7 episode by the same name before discussing the recently released trailer.
Posted: Thu July 30, 2020

Star Trek’s Tragic Hybrids, Part 2

Joshua Dent rejoins Larissa and Lauren to continue their deep dive into the tragic portrayal of mixed race characters across the franchise.
Posted: Thu July 16, 2020
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