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Three gentlemen from the South discuss and review horror movies as it pertains to each season’s specially curated theme! Join us as we discuss southern and queer themes, reminisce on past favorites, and divulge into new classics. This is The Horror Fried Podcast.

Horror Fried

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S02.E20: They/Them

Have you ever been thrown into the wilderness to practice traditional gender roles after being sent away to a backwoods summer camp known for practicing conversion therapy?
Posted: Fri September 29, 2023
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S02.E19: Fear Street: 1994

Did you and your friends ever cause a car accident from the back of a school bus, disturbing an ancient witch from a shallow grave and awakening all the serial killers from [...]
Posted: Fri September 15, 2023

S02.E18: Knife + Heart

Have you ever directed an erotic thriller based on a series of grizzly attacks on gay pornographic actors in hopes to win back the love of a film editor you so desperately desire?
Posted: Fri September 1, 2023

S02.E17: The Perfection

Have you ever been so obsessed with perfection that you revisited a very decorated past to overcome childhood trauma and reclaim your star power by instigating a series of [...]
Posted: Fri August 18, 2023

S02.E16: Rift

Have you ever taken an impromptu road trip at 3AM to the Icelandic countryside after being awakened to a cryptic voicemail from your ex-boyfriend?
Posted: Fri August 4, 2023

S02.E15: All About Evil

Have you ever recruited an old family friend, two psychopathic twins and a meth addict with rotten teeth to form an amateur film crew and commit murder in order to save a [...]
Posted: Fri July 21, 2023

S02.E14: Jennifer’s Body

Has your BFF ever been sacrificed for the fame and fortune of a lousy one-hit wonder, only to return as a demon with well delivered puns, beautiful skin and a hunger for the [...]
Posted: Fri July 7, 2023

S02.E13: Seed of Chucky

We’ve got a hard-on for Jennifer Tilly, can’t you tell?
Posted: Fri June 23, 2023

S02.E12: Hellbent

This movie is super gay. (That’s it. That’s the description.)
Posted: Fri June 9, 2023

S02.E11: High Tension

Love can make a person do crazy things, especially when you’re repressing your homosexuality in dangerous ways.
Posted: Fri May 26, 2023

S02.E10: Jawbreaker

Our favorite Aussie joins the” beautiful ones” to become “the flawless four” as we tackle one of the most iconic dark comedies of our generation.
Posted: Fri May 12, 2023

S02.E09: Bound

If you thought Showgirls was “absolutely frightening”, then you’ll love Bound!
Posted: Fri April 28, 2023
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