Chris Gaines: The Podcast

Hosts Ashley Spurgeon and Michael Eades explore the misunderstood career of Chris Gaines, the Garth Brooks pop alter-ego.

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Behind the Life of Chris Gaines

Who was Christian Gene Gaines? We review the known facts from birth to 1999; including Crush, Straight Jacket, Fornucopia, Apostle, Triangle and Greatest Hits.
Posted: Mon August 19, 2019
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There Is No Chris Gaines Without Garth Brooks

Hosts Ashley Spurgeon and Michael Eades partake in a well-researched chat spanning from the birth of Troyal Garth Brooks up to the end of 1998.
Posted: Mon August 12, 2019

The Cultural Zeitgeist is Breathing Down Our Necks

Welcome to Chris Gaines: The Podcast. Join us as we investigate country superstar Garth Brooks mysterious fictional persona, Chris Gaines.
Posted: Fri August 2, 2019
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