Chris Gaines: The Podcast

Hosts Ashley Spurgeon and Michael Eades explore the misunderstood career of Chris Gaines, the Garth Brooks pop alter-ego.

Ashley Spurgeon

Michael Eades

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Make the Choice to Live the Dream

Ashley and Michael summarize the Gaines affair and leave a trail of ideas for Garth to pursue in the future.
Posted: Mon September 16, 2019
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Notes on Camp: Finding Success in Passionate Failure

Having discussed the facts of the matter in great detail, Ashley and Michael approach Gaines from a more academic headspace.
Posted: Mon September 9, 2019

The Critical Assertions of Chris Gaines

Examining the press reception of a smoldering rock and roll character that put together an album of R&B songs that was then pitched to Adult Contemporary radio. Not great.
Posted: Mon September 2, 2019

The World Meets Chris Gaines

From Jan 1999 to the Chris Gaines album release, we pull together all the disparate threads to weave the full story of Gaines birth into the world.
Posted: Mon August 26, 2019

Behind the Life of Chris Gaines

Who was Christian Gene Gaines? We review the known facts from birth to 1999; including Crush, Straight Jacket, Fornucopia, Apostle, Triangle and Greatest Hits.
Posted: Mon August 19, 2019

There Is No Chris Gaines Without Garth Brooks

Hosts Ashley Spurgeon and Michael Eades partake in a well-researched chat spanning from the birth of Troyal Garth Brooks up to the end of 1998.
Posted: Mon August 12, 2019

The Cultural Zeitgeist is Breathing Down Our Necks

Welcome to Chris Gaines: The Podcast. Join us as we investigate country superstar Garth Brooks mysterious fictional persona, Chris Gaines.
Posted: Fri August 2, 2019
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