The Horror Fried Podcast

Three gentlemen from the South discuss and review horror movies as it pertains to each season’s specially curated theme.

Halloween 2023: Spirit Halloween

Have you ever hidden inside your local Spirit Halloween in hopes of frolicking inside after closing time, but soon realizing that a grouchy spirit from the past wants to [...]
Posted: Fri October 27, 2023

S02.E20: They/Them

Have you ever been thrown into the wilderness to practice traditional gender roles after being sent away to a backwoods summer camp known for practicing conversion therapy?
Posted: Fri September 29, 2023

S02.E19: Fear Street: 1994

Did you and your friends ever cause a car accident from the back of a school bus, disturbing an ancient witch from a shallow grave and awakening all the serial killers from [...]
Posted: Fri September 15, 2023

S02.E18: Knife + Heart

Have you ever directed an erotic thriller based on a series of grizzly attacks on gay pornographic actors in hopes to win back the love of a film editor you so desperately desire?
Posted: Fri September 1, 2023

S02.E17: The Perfection

Have you ever been so obsessed with perfection that you revisited a very decorated past to overcome childhood trauma and reclaim your star power by instigating a series of [...]
Posted: Fri August 18, 2023

S02.E16: Rift

Have you ever taken an impromptu road trip at 3AM to the Icelandic countryside after being awakened to a cryptic voicemail from your ex-boyfriend?
Posted: Fri August 4, 2023

S02.E15: All About Evil

Have you ever recruited an old family friend, two psychopathic twins and a meth addict with rotten teeth to form an amateur film crew and commit murder in order to save a [...]
Posted: Fri July 21, 2023

S02.E14: Jennifer’s Body

Has your BFF ever been sacrificed for the fame and fortune of a lousy one-hit wonder, only to return as a demon with well delivered puns, beautiful skin and a hunger for the [...]
Posted: Fri July 7, 2023

S02.E13: Seed of Chucky

We’ve got a hard-on for Jennifer Tilly, can’t you tell?
Posted: Fri June 23, 2023

S02.E12: Hellbent

This movie is super gay. (That’s it. That’s the description.)
Posted: Fri June 9, 2023

S02.E11: High Tension

Love can make a person do crazy things, especially when you’re repressing your homosexuality in dangerous ways.
Posted: Fri May 26, 2023

S02.E10: Jawbreaker

Our favorite Aussie joins the” beautiful ones” to become “the flawless four” as we tackle one of the most iconic dark comedies of our generation.
Posted: Fri May 12, 2023