The Horror Fried Podcast

Three gentlemen from the South discuss and review horror movies as it pertains to each season’s specially curated theme.

S03.E10: Death Becomes Her

Have you ever drank a potion to give you eternal beauty only to discover that you’ve become the walking dead?
Posted: Fri June 7, 2024

S03.E09: Friday the 13th: The New Blood

Have you ever used your telekinetic abilities to send a notorious serial killer back to the watery grave that you awoke him from?
Posted: Fri May 24, 2024

S03.E08: Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II

Have you ever been possessed by a demonic prom queen who is hellbent on reclaiming both her crown and title?
Posted: Fri May 10, 2024

S03.E07: Silver Bullet

Have you ever used your motorized, souped-up wheelchair to outrun a vengeful werewolf who’s been picking off townsfolk, one by one?
Posted: Fri April 26, 2024

S03.E06: Fright Night

Have you ever suspected that your mysterious new neighbor is a blood thirsty vampire who’s hellbent on seducing your underage girlfriend?
Posted: Fri April 12, 2024

S03.E05: Possession

Have you ever been so tormented by a relationship that you completely ignore your child and hire a private investigator to follow your estranged spouse?
Posted: Fri March 29, 2024

S03.E04: Evilspeak

Have you ever used an advanced computer application to summon a demon, invoke their spirit, and seek revenge on a motley crew of assholes?
Posted: Fri March 15, 2024

S03.E03: The Howling

Have you ever decided to expose your stalker on national television leading you to seek refuge at a colony inhabited by homewrecking werewolves?
Posted: Fri March 1, 2024

S3.E02: Suspiria

Have you ever traveled across the world to study ballet in Germany only to discover that you're training under a grisly coven of witches?
Posted: Fri February 16, 2024

S03.E01: Rosemary’s Baby

Have you ever married a man so desperate for stardom that he became friendly with a group of satanic seniors and agreed to have you carry the son of the devil himself?
Posted: Fri February 2, 2024

The 2nd Annual Horror Fried Awards Ceremony

It's Awards Season, y'all! Join us as we celebrate the best (and worst) of Horror Fried's second season: Queer Horror!
Posted: Fri December 22, 2023

Halloween 2023: Spirit Halloween

Have you ever hidden inside your local Spirit Halloween in hopes of frolicking inside after closing time, but soon realizing that a grouchy spirit from the past wants to [...]
Posted: Fri October 27, 2023