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Women in Country Music

Host Olivia Ladd presents a conglomeration of data studies, statistics and reporting to help listeners understand the severity of the imbalance Women in Country face.

The Slits with Olivia Jean

Punky Reggae Party: Olivia Jean guests on the podcast to examine the history of prototypical British punk group The Slits, who incorporated world music and feminism into a budding genre and set a precedent for many artists who came after.

10: Bikini Kill with Beth Cameron

Girls to the Front: Beth Cameron (Forget Cassettes, Black Bra) sits down for a deep dive discussion about the work of prolific riot grrl band Bikini Kill and the personal meaning within their songs to women in punk rock.

3: Black Flag with Zach Prosser

Origin Story: Zach Prosser (of Nashville band Z) and Olivia discuss prolific hardcore punk outfit Black Flag by tracing their origins within the SoCal scene, analyzing their political message and examining the zine and art culture surrounding the band.