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An exploration of all things high strange. Join Bunnicula and HP Hovercraft on an odyssey through the realms of the inexplicable and the unknown.

Dizzy Spells

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008: Sauceritis with Brent Raynes!

Join us for an interview with ufologist and paranormal researcher Brent Raynes
Posted: Wed July 17, 2024
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007: Popcorn Grab-Bag Classic

HP and Bunnicula cover a slew of subjects, revisits, updates, etc.
Posted: Wed July 3, 2024

006: Coincidence?! with guest Allison Inman

Director Allison Inman joins us in the studio to discuss synchronicity and a message from her house.
Posted: Wed June 19, 2024

005: Georgia Guidestones and the Fate of Humanity

An onslaught of opinions, a solar flare apocalypse, dial 888-444-DIZZ to secure your place in the bunker today!
Posted: Wed June 5, 2024

004: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles with Michael Eades

What do vinyl mosaic street graffiti, playwright David Mamet, and the planet Jupiter have in common?
Posted: Wed May 22, 2024

003: Dead Internet Theory + The International Paranormal Museum

Serious discussions about robot memelords, racist grandpas and nightmare Barbie dolls.
Posted: Wed May 8, 2024

002: Alien April part 2: The Glitter Conspiracy + Ultraterrestrials

Get in the Dune frame of mind with Bunnicula & HP Hovercraft as they dive into some real strange stuff in true Alien April style on the DIZZY SPELL PODCAST!
Posted: Wed April 24, 2024

001: The Reboot: Alien April + Gulf breeze UFO incident + KY Meat Shower

Longtime radio show makes good in our debut as a podcast! It’s Alien April so join Bunnicula and HP Hovercraft in the new studio for the inaugural episode of THE DIZZY SPELL [...]
Posted: Wed April 10, 2024
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