Friday Night Noods

Join Kim + Louisa as they pursue living a Bentley lifestyle on a Mazda budget.

Noods Actually

This week we talk about comfort movies, why Louisa is scared of Home Alone, and our favorite holiday traditions. If your boss catches you listening to us at work, say it’s [...]
Posted: Fri December 14, 2018


Linda McCartney, Claws Nomi, and Hamish: the origin stories of our pets.
Posted: Fri November 30, 2018

In Pursuit of Creativeness

This week we talk about our creative pursuits, aka hobbies, aka things we do that make our hearts sing. Kim discusses her writing and Louisa discusses her painting. We dive [...]
Posted: Fri November 16, 2018

Relentless Self-Care: A Work in Progress

Hi. We’re back! This week, we talk about how we take care of ourselves, which, let’s be honest, is a work in progress. Things we’re tackling IRL and on this podcast: [...]
Posted: Fri November 2, 2018

It Us: An Origin Story

Hi. Welcome to our friendship, I mean podcast. In our inaugural episode, we’ll talk about making friends on the internet, what this whole “noods” business is, and [...]
Posted: Fri October 19, 2018

Noods Teaser

Join Kim & Louisa as they chow down on nood(le)s and dish about various pursuits of happiness, things we don't hate, and living that Bentley lifestyle on a Mazda budget.
Posted: Sun October 14, 2018