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10: Bikini Kill with Beth Cameron

Girls to the Front: Beth Cameron (Forget Cassettes, Black Bra) sits down for a deep dive discussion about the work of prolific riot grrl band Bikini Kill and the personal [...]
Posted: Wed May 15, 2019

9: Joy Division with Alex Fowler

Dying Star: Alex Fowler (Drama Club, Dream Girl Records) and Olivia tell the story of the quick rise and fall of Joy Division, who laid groundwork for post-punk and goth rock.
Posted: Wed April 24, 2019

8: Brian Jonestown Massacre with John Condit

What a Trip: John Condit (The Inscape, Lilly Hiatt) and Olivia talk about one of psychedelic's most genre expansive, infamous and maniacally creative bands, The Brian [...]
Posted: Fri February 15, 2019

7: Death Grips with John Connor Coulston

The Powers That Be: Nashville journalist John Connor Coulston comes on the podcast to delve into the mystery behind experimental hip-hop/metal group Death Grips.
Posted: Wed January 9, 2019

6: The Avett Brothers with Collin Fidler and Luke Adamson

From the Heart: Collin Fidler and Luke Adamson join Olivia to wax nostalgic and discuss the evolution of one of Americana's most impassioned bands.
Posted: Wed November 21, 2018

5: Squeeze with Charlie Zaillian

Intro To New Wave: Nashville journalist Charlie Zaillian sits down with Olivia to discuss the weaving history of one of UK's finest, mostly unsung, pop bands.
Posted: Mon October 1, 2018

4: Animal Collective with Patty Greer

The Modern Day Grateful Dead: Patty Greer hops on Bandsplainer to talk about experimental indie pop pioneers Animal Collective.
Posted: Thu August 30, 2018

3: Black Flag with Zach Prosser

Origin Story: Zach Prosser (of Nashville band Z) and Olivia discuss prolific hardcore punk outfit Black Flag by tracing their origins within the SoCal scene, analyzing their [...]
Posted: Fri August 10, 2018

2: Pulp with Taylor Cole

For the People: Olivia sits down with Taylor Cole (of Tayls and Creature Comfort) to talk about Pulp's journey from experimental rockers to Brit-pop legends.
Posted: Thu July 26, 2018

1: Devo with Todd Campbell

De-Evolution Into Tomorrow: Todd Campbell joins Olivia to talk about the history of influential new wave pioneers DEVO, who were way ahead of their time.
Posted: Wed July 18, 2018