Introducing Friday Night Noods

Happy to announce a new podcast coming to the network named Friday Night Noods. The show is hosted by Kim Baldwin and Louisa Glenn; two Nashville residents that make a point of living a “Bentley lifestyle on a Mazda budget.” The show is not about how to live beyond your means but it will cover […]

Introducing Bandsplainer

We’re overjoyed to announce a brand new show joining the We Own This Town network of podcasts. Please meet Bandsplainer, a podcast from Olivia Ladd where your favorite bands are discussed and dissected in great detail with local Nashville artists and creators. The concept is simple: Host Olivia Ladd sits down with Nashville musicians, artists, […]

Introducing San Dimas Today

Happy to announce the official inclusion of a brand new, limited edition, podcast series entitled San Dimas Today. The show, hosted by Nashville natives Jason T. Meares Esq* and Kelly Hoyle Bolick, is a deep dive into the world of Bill & Ted. Yes, the Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey Bill and Ted. Our hosts […]