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Host Mary Mancini sits down with Christine Doza who published her first ‘zine, Upslut, in 1993 to distribute to her classmates and out a predatory male teacher.

Parallel Universe

Join Smilin’ Jay McDowell, guitar-player-turned-upright bassist from the small town of West Lafayette, Indiana, as he takes you on his journey from watching and playing in bands in the back room at Lucy’s to traveling the world with BR5-49.

Schtucket! Schtucket! Schtucket!

How did two high school band goofball rule-followers discover punk, scooch their trombone and tenor sax over just a little to make room for a bass guitar and drum kit, and end up headlining at Lucy’s? By bending the rules, of course.

House O’ Pain

This is the Lucy’s Record Shop origin story. Host Mary Mancini sits down with Don & April Kendall of House O’ Pain, also known as the other two “tolerant, accessible adult role model[s]” who ran the place, to tell the story of how, with a whole lot of love, luck, and perseverance, Lucy’s came to be and why, thirty years later, it’s still talked about with joy and reverence.