241: The Promise of Surprise

Many thanks to Michael Hix for taking the time to talk to us last episode about the Nashville Ambient Ensemble and all of its collective members. Aside from the pleasantly educational experience of that interview, it also created a backlog of new music to share. So, this episode is Part 1 of 2 showcasing a deep well of new music making the rounds in the local scene.

We don’t generally chunk out this show into genre “blocks” but, hey, we’re switching it up this time! Expect six rock & indie tracks at the top, six rap & hip-hop tracks at the back and a soulful R&B bridge in between.

Per usual, there’s more music from every artist on this show to be enjoyed so be sure to follow Imaginary Baseball League, Bleached Out, Trash Man, *repeat repeat, Wilby, Full Mood, Fresh Lady, SirMarko, Cee Ohh, K.O.N., Hard Liquor Shawty, RashadThaPoet and iNTRO directly for updates on their latest projects.

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Imaginary Baseball League

Bleached Out
“Tofu Beach”

Trash Man
“Stronger Than I Thought”

Repeat Repeat
“For Leaving You”


Full Mood
“2 U”

Fresh Lady
“Shoot for the Moon”


Cee Ohh
“Thats Just Life”

KON (feat. Jyou)
“Been It feat Jyou”

Hard Liquor Shawty
“Mega Man”

Rashad Tha Poet
“Get Paid”


“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music. Cover Image: Hard Liquor Shawty.

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