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Bandcamp Gets Even Better

If it is not obvious by now that Bandcamp is the service to use to digitally distribute your music then maybe their latest announcement will finally convince you. According to this post, they’ve launched a fully operational arm to their already fantastic services that allows you to manage and sell your physical goods as well. […]

273: Spooky, Scary & Ghoulish Delights

HALLOWEEN SPOOKTACULAR with Wallis Allen, PETTY, Shaboi, The Phantoms of Saturn, Spoken Nerd, Boo Dudes, Dead Deads, Makeup and Vanity Set, Emmett Brown, V to Z, Blavery, Black Caverns, Bad Luck Mattress, Children of the Night

New Bang – “Stoned God”

Stoned God by New Bang The rise of microgenres over the past decade has been a wonderfully intriguing process to witness. While the term itself has been around since the ’70s, their proliferation has really taken off thanks to services like Tumblr, Bandcamp, Spotify and their ilk before them; Real Player, Napster, et al. If […]

272: Endorsements for Ears

Six One Tribe, Petty, Daisha McBride, Colleen Orender, New Bang, Ronin Black, The Serpenteens, X-ennials, Cyborg9K (Roxie OS), Iven, No Milk, Lou Turner, Logickal, Fogged

Zwil AR – “Zellen!” (Official Video) [Premiere]

Back in July, Zwil AR released the double EP Rebell​-​Diamanten / d Küste. Or, rather, they re-released the double EP from an abridged 2013 version by adding new tracks, providing better mastering and generally revitalizing it into its proper form. Given that metamorphosis, it’s fitting that the lead track, and the video we’re excited to […]

271: Don’t Be Afraid to Try Something New

F.U. Stan & BeHoward, Chuck Indigo, Quez Cantrell, The Gripsweats, John the Shaman, HB Mandella, Glass Dove, The Dead Deads, Team Charisma, Street Hockey Champ, The Nobility, Future Crib, A.G. Sully, Rig B, Jay Leo Phillips