Welcome to We Own This Town

Since 2006, We Own This Town has sought to shine a light on music that existed outside of the perception that Nashville is all pop country, honky tonks and Music Row. There are thriving communities of rock, electronic, hip-hop, DIY and weirdo music that deserve to be heard and recognized for what they bring to the city.

While we’re continuing our mission to highlight music that may slip through the cracks, we’re also expanding our goals to include the multitude of creative voices outside of music. Over the coming months, we will be releasing podcasts under the We Own This Town umbrella, all created and produced by Nashville area talent. These shows may not be focused on subjects about Nashville at all but they’ll be brought to you by artists, comedians and creators from Nashville.

The first of these new shows, Hott Minute, is available today. Hosts Jamie Bradley and Ashley Spurgeon who will be releasing regular episodes of comedic enjoyment, riffing on “who’s hot and why.” They are exemplary in our mission to expose a diverse range of entertainment from Nashville.

As part of this plan to help provide a platform for Nashville talent, we’re opening up the WOTT Studio; a comfortable space for recording podcasts without the painful hurdle of purchasing and learning all the technical aspects. If you have an idea for a show, we want to hear about and help you easily record it. Please, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

The “WE” in “We Own This Town” was never meant to allude to the authors or owners of this website, it’s meant to serve as a reminder that everyone in the community – creators and fans alike – define who we are. You Own This Town as much as I Own This Town. As we move forward into this new undertaking, we’re excited to share more of those voices and further define who We are.