Volume 45

I’ll be honest; I know next to nothing about the hip-hop scene in Nashville. So, when it struck me that it would be interesting to compile a podcast of some of the more forward thinking acts coming out of our area I really had no idea where to start. Fortunately, I knew Sean L. Maloney would. I hit him up one night with the request to put together a half hour of interesting songs and he turned it around in a days time. The end result is a blend of traditional hip-hop, soul, some R&B, beats and a good deal of great.

So, without further ado – here’s the 45th volume of the podcast. Curated by Sean L. Maloney and consisting entirely of the finest in Nashville based hip-hop. As someone coming from a place of total ignorance on the offerings of hip-hop from our town I think I can safely say that there’s no way you won’t be entirely engaged by this.

  • 1. Amerigo Gazaway – “The Great Flood”
    The Great Flood
  • 2. Starlito – “People in the Streets”
    @ War w/ myself
  • 3. Ducko McFli – “Wouldn’t Change a Thing”
    Smoked Out
  • 4. Dee Goodz – “Lisa Lopes”
    Floetic Justice 2
  • 5. OPENMIC – “Rock & Roll”
    For the Rebels
  • 6. Stix Izza – “This Way”
    Highway 2 Mars
  • 7. SAM&TRE – “We Do”
  • 8. Chancellor Warhol – “Dope.Fly.Fresh (feat. Boss of Nova)”
    Japanese Lunchbox: A Love Story
  • 9. Classic Williams – “Head to the Sky”
    The Soul of Nigger Charlie


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