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Best Of 2008

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We Own This Town makes no qualms about embracing its subjectivity. With that in mind, each of our contributors were asked to choose 4 – 5 songs from the past year that they felt rose to the top and they’d be compiled into our final podcast for the year of 2008. We are pleased to report that this compilation does not encompass all of the great releases from the past year, just many of our favorites. Download it, listen to it, enjoy it, save it as a time capsule for 2008 or as an introductory mix for people wondering what Nashville has to offer. Please feel free to use the comments to point out any glaring omissions, we’ll take a lack of comments to mean that everyone loves the mix and agrees as to its inclusion of entirely superior music.


  1. Hotpipes – Born In A Bomb*
  2. Magic Wands – Black Magic*
  3. Superdrag – Filthy and Afraid*
  4. Silver Jews – Strange Victory Strange Defeat*
  5. Jensen Sportag – 2×2***
  6. How I Became the Bomb – Tomorrow’s Date*
  7. The Features – Now You Know**
  8. Meemaw – Blue In The Blacklight**
  9. Lambchop – National Talk Like a Pirate Day**
  10. All We Seabees – Alt. Country**
  11. And The Relatives – Cowboy Jazz***
  12. Apollo Up! – The Heartbreak of Victory***
  13. Vovo – Lighter Side Of Life***
  14. The Champion and His Burning Flame – The Expert***
  15. Kindercastle – Postmaster General***

Key for Picks:
* Contributor: Joe Baine Colvert
** NEW Contributor: Andrew Smithson
*** Old Contributor: Michael Eades

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