Wonderpus Records

On Friday night I was handed a compilation tape for Wonderpus Records – a label I’d never heard of nor can dig up much info online about. The tape has a myriad of familiar names – Spanish Candles, Ranch Ghost, Useless Eaters, New Pleasure, Cy Barkley, Natural Child, The Greater Good, Turbo Fruits and Evan P Donohue to name a few. I have no idea where this came from or where you’d obtain your own – aside from the Turbo Fruits merch table or maybe from this guy who designed the logo?

What I do know is that there was a postponed launch party back in June and that they’ve also released music from Justin Stewart and Ben Spinks Supermelt. If anyone has some additional insight on these guys I’d love to hear it.

Here’s what I learned today. The official Wonderpus Facebook page is here. Their first release (intended to be their third) is the Last Summer tape compilation mentioned above; available at The Groove or Grimeys. In the future there will be full physical releases (read: vinyl) from Justin Stewart and Ben Spinks but these things take time and they’re still off on the horizon.


  • wonderpus says:

    hey guys!

    This is Ben, a co-creator of Wonderpus.

    The cassette, though intended to be our third release, is the first of our products that has made it into our hands completed.. So glad you guys were handed a copy! We are very pleased with the way they turned out physically, and of course with all the super-talented bands we were able to get on board.

    Our releases for Justin and Ben Spinks Supermelt are being released on vinyl, and due to complications with the pressing plant, we still haven’t received the shipments for those records. If you would like digital copies of the cassette, and also tracks from our other releases, please send me an email at the address I attached.. Once we have copies of our vinyls, we will be having a proper launch and would love to see you guys there!

    Thanks so much for the write up! Hope to get you interested in the swarm of other projects we will be releasing soon!