The Freakin’ Weekend (III)

Today marks the official launch of Nashville’s Dead multi-night, multi-venue extravaganza; The Freakin’ Weekend. Aside from having extremely solid lineups down in “The Rock Block” of Elliston place, they’ve also lined up a Pop-Up Shop at Local Honey with All Ages shows, exclusive vinyl and likely a ton more that I’m not even aware of. Though it probably goes without saying, I’m going to say it anyway, this is important. I think the local cultural impact of Nashville’s Dead is probably underrated; a fact that I am sure they could care less about but still is worth mentioning. Their consistent championing of bands, local and elsewhere, has led to a whole lot more than just a successful blog.

Long story short, my hat is off to them. They are doing things their way and it’s working incredibly well. Hopefully you make it out to any and all of the events this weekend.